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  1. Straight up dream cream , fresh out of the stallions nest . They said I wasn’t good enough for channel 3 , they said I’m too old for Matthew . They didn’t say nothing about a 15 day bender on 3 bottles of this delicious supalean . Buy it by the bucketload and swallow its sweet milky goodness. Barrymore was right , it’s the devils d1ck cream and I love it

  2. These are ok not my cup of tea really though I’d like them more but just tastes like hash to me lol I know there supposed to but I have a lot of American friends who smoke who swear these should be really terpy as well but didn’t seem to be that way in a joint a dab or a bong but worth trying once definitely

  3. Really nice I really enjoyed this was really tasty to the point it puts me on a right munchie but I don’t want to eat and ruin the flavour from a joint lol

  4. Must try this was not what I expected at all with it being bisscotti x gelato it’s more on the gelato side and wow

  5. Holy shit the flavour on this was worth it tastes like I just hit a dab of guarva rockstar and it’s definitely strong coming from someone with a very high tolerance even to dabs 😉