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Blue Cheese

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Blue Cheese requires a high threshold for dank, earthy flavours – it’s named after the most pungent cheese, after all, though it doesn’t taste as much like its namesake as you might expect. Instead, it has more of a dank, berry flavour. Using it, this 80/20 Indica-heavy hybrid can encourage incredible relaxation.

Blue Cheese is incredibly dank, a mix of savoury cheese and sweet fruit, like blueberries and strawberries mixed with herbs and earth. The result is stinky and emotional – even people who don’t like to eat blue cheese can enjoy its namesake strain. The aromatics are powerful.

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Taking you back to memory lane! Veterans of the UK would have definitely come across this strain. Blue Cheese is a sought-after hybrid, bred from Blueberry and UK Cheese, a British hybrid.

Its pungent aroma reflects its parentage and makes it a favourite among cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. Originating from a cross between the beloved UK Cheese and flavorful Blueberry, Blue Cheese boasts intense flavour and effects, often featured in Amsterdam.

The strain’s high begins as a slow, creeping feeling of relaxation, which begins to deepen into euphoria all over your body. Though many users report dry eyes and mouth on Blue Cheese, for anxiety sufferers, this creamy, spicy, cheesy, sweetie, fruity mess of a strain can provide a lot of benefits.

Weight 3.5 g

4 reviews for Blue Cheese

  1. Zazabra

    Firstly can’t say much on the weight coz mines was 3.6 but cheese is a leafy strain if it’s not a bit leafy believe me it’s not cheese having said all that I thought the blue cheese was amazing quality and definitely the real deal

  2. ImForZeeTaste (verified owner)

    Mine came on weight slightly fresh leafy but overall decent smoke

  3. Stevie G

    My favourite strain been struggling to find this was so happy when I saw it on the menu, loved it, please get this back in stock 🙏

  4. Big mo

    Sweet smell and taste of blue cheese it’s been a while 🙌

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