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Cannaburst Gummies (Original) are delicious sweet candies with an awesome chewy texture and infused with 500mg THC. Cannaburst Gummies are the perfect munchies to have when you want to medicate discreetly.

Directions: Take 1-2 sweets. Wait for about an hour and re-dose accordingly to the desired level. If the effects do not kick, just wait!

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Ingredients Sugar, Vege-Gel, adipic acid, disodium phosphate, sodium citrate, fumaric acid, artificial flavouring, d9 distillate.


Approx 5pcs

5 reviews for CANNABURST GUMMIES (Original)

  1. ladraven (verified owner)

    Split a pack with my partner, took 2 and the remainder of the pack an hour and half later with no effect for him. I wasn’t really feeling it until I was moving about and there was some limb heaviness. Overall an underwhelming experience.

  2. Yannick

    I’d have to say I’ve tried edibles a few times in the past and these were by far the strongest I’ve ever had, ate 3 and I was on another planet 😂

  3. Don’t ask don’t get

    Highly recommend these had four out of 7 and was last night and was still high as a kite when I woke up this morning


    I find some edibles a bit of a hit and miss , I took 2 of these and was knocked out.!!im a heavy smoker too.Tried the guava from here and they didn’t do nothing , maybe a slight buzz.

  5. SpaceHigh (verified owner)

    Awesome sweets! I stopped smoking a while ago so my tolerance got low. Had half of one of these and within an hour felt quite mellow with a nice high.

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