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Cannaburst Gummies (Original) are delicious sweet candies with an awesome chewy texture and infused with 500mg THC. Cannaburst Gummies are the perfect munchies to have when you want to medicate discreetly.

Directions: Take 1-2 sweets. Wait for about an hour and re-dose accordingly to the desired level. If the effects do not kick, just wait!

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Ingredients Sugar, Vege-Gel, adipic acid, disodium phosphate, sodium citrate, fumaric acid, artificial flavouring, d9 distillate.


Approx 5pcs

4 reviews for CANNABURST GUMMIES (Sour Berries)

  1. Guy (verified owner)

    ok so i took 2 straight off the bat… mistake.. i am a smoker more than edibles and these destroyed me, highly recommend and ill do 1.5 of them next time. enjoy!!

  2. Jake Key (verified owner)

    Got some of these yesterday so I had one last night honest opinion they were really good. Flavour wise they taste amazing the weed taste comes through but it is subtle and doesn’t overpower the flavour. The texture is good and they are quite chewy. My mom and I had one each and in about an hour started to feel it. I felt a slight body high at first then it mellowed me out. Helped me drop off to sleep really quickly when I went to bed a few hours later. Definitely would recommend

  3. Mr. E. Mann (verified owner)

    Amazing high and taste great. Took two and after an hour for them to kick in I was set for the next four hours. They pack a punch. One would still give you a decent high. I definitely recommend these

  4. Grant Pollock (verified owner)

    These are extremely strong. Took 3 and was in the sky. Once worn off took the other 4 and holy I was in another dimension. Highly recommend

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