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Frozen Cherries is a well balanced hybrid made through the crossing of Cherry Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. A flavour packed with a crowd-pleasing, fruity taste and well-balanced effects.

Frozen Cherries burst with a bright cherry aroma, practically begging to be sniffed and inspected over and over again. Hanging out underneath are some more musky, kushy base notes. Breaking open these beautiful buds, yield some light herbal notes. When combusted, this strain burns remarkably smooth and is easily inhaled. On the exhale, Cherry tastes sweet and woodsy, leaving an overall impression similar to the taste of cherry-flavoured bourbon over rocks.

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Frozen Cherries is an even blend of cerebral insight and physical sedation making it perfectly suited to introspective activities like listening to music or taking a nature walk. Cherry Cookies can also facilitate stimulating conversation. Because it is neither overly energising nor overly sedative, this strain is appropriate for use at any time of day.

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7 reviews for FROZEN CHERRIES

  1. Ricdiculas

    Delicious and strong gassy n creamy nothing to do with a cherry
    Lots to do with the couch

  2. danielhsfurness (verified owner)

    Smooth. Packs a punch. Speedy delivery.

  3. Carlos (store manager)

    Cherries and berries and a sweet gassy flavour.

  4. Lafayette (store manager)

    I’ve got to say I love this strain, I’ve ordered quite a few different flowers off this site and I’m so impressed with the standards I haven’t been disappointed at all, from the cheaper ones to the more expensive ones all top quality, much better then other sites that I’ve tried. Keep it up guys 👏

  5. Ash (store manager)

    Jeeze this could easily pass as Cali absolute 🔥

  6. Unrepentant Punk (store manager)

    bought this for the first time last week, a delicious and excellent high, ty TGR

  7. Paul (store manager)

    Ordered 2 , very good , would get it again

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