Gumbo (Loose Cali)

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Gumbo (Loose Cali) is a slightly Indica-leaning hybrid strain that is reportedly named after a type of bubblegum. However, no one really knows for sure who the first breeder of this strain was, nor do we know which plants were crossed in order to create this delicious beast. Despite the innocent name, this strain’s potent effects are not to be underestimated. This evening strain is best used to boost appetite and mood.

You will most likely be met with an incredibly thick blanket of milky white and crystal trichomes when opening up a jar of Gumbo. This bud is also incredibly pleasing to the nose, combining elements of both pungent skunk and sweet bubblegum into a truly unique and wonderful aroma. The flavour of the smoke produced by this flower is quite sweet, with many saying it tastes just like candy.

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Many have reported the high from a bit of this bud lasting as long as two hours! This bud is one of those, “sesh” buds, where a little bit of planning should take place before sparking up. Make sure you treat yourself kindly to a few cold drinks (the more variation the better!) and tasty snacks because this bud is going to get you hungry! Although the smoke is quite smooth, most find they have a better experience all around if they have a drink between hits.

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4 reviews for Gumbo (Loose Cali)

  1. Badboyt

    After about a month turned up
    10/10 can’t knock it for the price

  2. Raw4Life

    Thank you Greenroute… .I know many was saying oh we got generic stuff …. INCORRECT

    That is not true got the Gumbo as per my order on the 11th Dec

    AND PLATINUM OG as well clean white ash.. absolute banger as well

    Absolutely lovely spicy candy taste and a long lasting high about a 2.5hours

    For those confused about the split in companies….ONLY one thing you’ve got to remember THE GREENROUTE is the only company flagged up the issue of delayed deliveries and kept us updated on what the next steps are……. Dispenseree never bothered!!!

  3. MS

    Just as good or if not better than other cali’s on here

  4. Chatterbox (verified owner)

    It’s a solid smoke 7.3/10
    For the price I would like a tiny bit fresher
    But it’s been on for a while .
    Wouldn’t order this strain again but it’s a solid 7/10

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