Hidden Hills Club 2G

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The Hidden Hills Club Liquid Diamond Bar delivers an unforgettable experience with a unique twist. The Hidden Hills Club brand has infused these 2-gram disposable vape pens with Liquid Diamonds.

That unique and powerful blend helps Hidden Hills VVS Liquid Diamond Bar pens deliver each and every time.

For HHC with white packaging:
The Night Night blend utilizes a cutting-edge blending process to create a hard-hitting combination of D9THC-A, and THC-P.

The Hidden Hills disposable vape is a sleek, comfortable device that is rapidly rechargeable via a USB-C port. The single-button operation gives you convenient access to fine-tune your vaping experience.

How to use Hidden Hills Vape:

  • Press 5 times to power the Hidden Hills vape pen device on
  • Press 2 times to auto-preheat (prevents clogging)
  • Press the down button while drawing on the Hidden Hills VVS vape
  • Press 5 times when you wish to power the device off
Hidden Hills

Strawberry Sherbet, Kosmic Kiwi, Mango Zqueeze, Tropical Face Punch, Lemon Zinger, Glazed Apple Sour, Limey Znow Conez, White Gello Frost, Baby Blue Budderz, Dosi Rocky Runtz, Electric Blueberry

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6 reviews for Hidden Hills Club 2G

  1. Mrchong (verified owner)

    Amazing service as allways. Got the dosi rocky runtz and it’s 🔥

  2. Mctee (verified owner)

    KOSMIC KIWI for a bargain price, can’t really go wrong. I’ve also got the Lemon one. Both are strong

  3. Ollie (verified owner)

    Tropical Face Punch for me whilst on sale.
    Great flavour and hit. Definitely would order again even at full price.

  4. purplediesel (verified owner)

    they can get you very high but they taste of chemicals. the distillate looks kinda dirty and it moves wayyyy too easily, the hardware is known to be for D8 so I assume this and the 10/10 boys vapes are D8 rather than D9. I’m sure it’s fine to smoke as a one off but these vapes can destroy you. I have nothing against TGR cus all UK thc vapes are fake but please don’t smoke these, at least regularly – just smoke flower or make ur own carts.

  5. D-bo (verified owner)

    Strawberry sherbert price was extortionate at £85, they cost 25 dollars in the states. I bought one, it got me fairly high and it ran out in a few days of non excessive puffing. I genuinely feel scammed as I paid £40 for a different one a while ago and it lasted me a month and got me very high. I would not recommend unless you have money to burn. Really disappointed.

  6. George GB

    Some people say it’s too strong some people complain about price , lol it’s not even legal , as US citizen the markup makes sense for shipping costs–!snow cone limez up my street!! Maybe u need to lay off vaping , nobody tells u to excessively use it. It takes 2-3 puffs and your good to go , if ur tolerance is that high then just tb lol. if you solely rely on these it wont work out & i smoke flowers

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