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Shake. Like a lot of cannabis terms, it means different things to different people. And how people define shake does a lot to determine whether they love it or hate it. These cannabis leftovers can be used in various consumption methods.

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Mixed shake has a wide range of uses and applications, both recreational and medical. It’s a cost-effective alternative to whole buds, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious cannabis consumers. Whether you’re looking to smoke shakes, make edibles, or explore other creative uses, it can fulfil your cannabis needs without breaking the bank.

Weight 14 g

16 reviews for SHAKE (14G Dust)

  1. Josh T

    10/10 pretty sure this is skittles dust 🙌

  2. BillyAr

    v good shake,guessing theres a few strong strains mixed in there?? found some little nugs in mine. i make about 2 to 3 batches of brownies from this.

  3. steven clarke (verified owner)

    i have to rate this quite low due to the lack of bud. there was a total of 1 gram of bud in the 14 grams of shake so the rest was leaves and a few seeds. quite different to other shakes ive bought before which were mostly bud i have however made another order to give it another try. im hoping the next delivery is a bit more worth while. this is definitely a good option for people on a very tight budget that also have a low tolerance. if your tolerance is high its not really worth it.

  4. Dale

    I’ve brought shake off another site that definitely wasn’t as nice a quality as this, nice smell and acouple cheeky buds in there also, defo be ordering again

  5. jem_fields (verified owner)

    After issues with old site, I wonder if these guys rescued the order in the end? I have benefit of the doubt and ordered again from the new site and so glad I did. Back to fast delivery and great quality. Few buds in shake and just about to place next order.

  6. Sabotage93thctv (verified owner)

    Holy shit wow this smells amazing like cereal milk shocked how nice it smells for shake definitely got to be Cali shake I got

  7. Chewy (verified owner)

    Very quick delivery, Saturday night ordered and Weds morning delivered. It’s smell is divine 👍👍

  8. Rebecca Ulsteen

    Well here it is… after 2 attempts of bad experience (not tgr) ordered off a website that begins with b & what I received was cbd , I kid you not I’m a strong smoker though in no way I felt anything , at best relaxed. Not a touch of high & I have also tried cbd before. Boo. Heard about d and ordered in January. Boo was scammed again! But then my mate told me about these people and I was refunded for my order made with d? Placed order Tuesday morning & got it next day 3pm! Thank u so much team! I hate going outside and meeting dodgy dealers

  9. JONATHAN LAU (verified owner)

    Hip hip hooray! Greenroute your what Dispenseree used to be and way better!
    I thank you very much, excellent communication, very fast delivery and great product (shake).
    I was a happy dispenseree/oo user for about 7 months then that thing happened over December/January and I didn’t know who to trust but if it wasn’t for greenroute support (via telegram) giving me useful information about dispenseree and how I should claim a refund code which I did and received a order but it still took ages and had little or no communication. I was very wary about using them again and wary about greenroute too. But glad I’ve gave it ago again….top form. Bravo!

  10. Mike Oxsmall (verified owner)

    It’s only after we’ve lost everything we are free to do anything.

    Lovely bag of shake 10/10 I’m a happy custard

  11. Oldleaf1 (verified owner)

    Ordered weekend came today very happy nice trim lots of little crystals,TGR is the way forward peaceful journey’s everyone 😊

  12. ks (verified owner)

    did think this was fire but after getting into it to smoke loads of seeds and leaf/plant matter mixxed in ashame as it smelt so nice not worth smoking and out the lot i was lucky if there was a g of tiny buds :L

  13. Kieron Smith (verified owner)

    2nd lot I got of this was full of buds more so than the other beautiful smell nice and sweet scent still shocked that it smells this nice for shake

  14. Chatterbox (verified owner)

    Poor shake atm
    Avoid for a while if I where u

    More stick and matter than the previous reviews from February suggest

  15. Kate Windsor (verified owner)

    Certainly not “poor” IMO – my delivery is as good as any shake I’ve had

  16. Lorraine Terein

    Smell on this was amazing!!! Found a few little tiny buds in mine , previous shake was okay and did the job done , not much sticks/stalks – must be a headache going through this lol – ended up making butter for the rest !

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