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SS1 by HiTech is an Indica dominant crossed with, two fan favourites, Gelato 41 and Sunset Sherbet, to create a strain that’s unrivalled by any other. Vibrant flavours are ready to coat your palate upon inhaling, with chocolate, citrus, nuts, and cream combining for an interesting yet highly pleasant taste. Her aroma is similar, although you might catch a bit of spice and earth on the exhale.

Designed for relaxation, it’s recommended that you wait until the latter part of the day to indulge. Even those with high tolerances report feeling instantly calm as euphoria takes hold of their mind and launches them into complete bliss. It’s likely that as your high gets heavier and heavier your body will follow suit, eventually lulling you into a deep sleep. Even if you have a rather high tolerance, it’s recommended that you enjoy SS1 when you have absolutely nothing to do, as it tends to be more relaxing than many think.

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Sometimes smoking the same strain day in and day out can get monotonous, so consider changing things up a bit with SS1. Whether you’re in need of a relaxing night after a stressful day or you want to have the ultimate lazy weekend, this gal is here to help. For some, she might be the perfect way to achieve a peaceful night of sleep while others may find that her effects are more therapeutic in nature. Either way, her flavours can’t be beaten and you’ll soon see why she’s become a must-have of smokers everywhere.

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5 reviews for SS1

  1. Nafe

    This one is my favourite Cali so far, I brought this off Dispeneree before they turned into a scam site. Well done for sticking to your word TGR 👏

  2. DB

    Unreal this 1 j and baked

  3. DB

    Top notch

  4. Paul (verified owner)

    Just got this today, couldn’t wait till tonight to taste it , definitely should have , had 1 single paper joint with a tiny amount of weed , smashed for 3 hours , still going . Top notch weed .

  5. Tyson48


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