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Lean into relaxation, sips with a serene experience.

100ml Bottle – 1000mg – 4x Flavours

Mango Papaya
Strawberry Fields
Blueberry Melody
Grape God

Cannabis extract (THC), Agave syrup, Natural flavourings, Emulsifying agent.

Any Flavors

Mango Papaya, Strawberry Fields, Blueberry Melody, Grape God

5 reviews for Suplean

  1. Guy (verified owner)

    ooookkk my review is take less than i did,, its great, was surprised how absolutly broken i was after a couple of sips. Highly recommend and at a amazing price tbh

  2. Michael Barrymore (verified owner)

    Deceptively strong take it easy on this stuff , had a few lads round for a spot of swimming and things got a bit pear shaped . Highly recommend but go easy on it

  3. Don4K (verified owner)

    Edibles never worked for me …so thought this would pack the punch …but no go ….just nothing again…’s not the product it’s me ….my mate drank the other half with me and he was proper buzzed …..I had to spark a joint to get their

    TGR quality service as usual

  4. Sabotage93thc (verified owner)

    Taste is ok think it should be mixed with a tiny bit lemonade or something as straight it will give you a funny gut lol but I’m one of those people edibles never do much thought I’d give this a go it did have a little buzz to it but only for 20/30 mins and I necked the full bottle in one go as I have a very high tolerance lower tolerance this might put you on your back

  5. Phillip Schofield (verified owner)

    Straight up dream cream , fresh out of the stallions nest . They said I wasn’t good enough for channel 3 , they said I’m too old for Matthew . They didn’t say nothing about a 15 day bender on 3 bottles of this delicious supalean . Buy it by the bucketload and swallow its sweet milky goodness. Barrymore was right , it’s the devils d1ck cream and I love it

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