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Thai Red String

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Thai weed, which we believe appeals more to the old school smokers or for beginners.

Thai weed is renowned for packing a serious punch thanks to its high potency, landrace origins and 100% sativa character. Forget chilling out on the sofa, this weed will have your brain buzzing with creativity whilst quashing any anxieties you may have along the way. Thai weed is steeped with fascinating historical roots, having found its way onto US shores during the Vietnam War in the 60s and 70s. Quickly, word spread of its sensational highs and it became a hit, blowing the minds of many.

Thai weed has two different sets of aromas. Some have a sweet, citrusy scent and others will have a spicy, earthy and sometimes chocolaty overtone.

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Being pure sativa, it has an uplifting effect, and you are likely to feel:

Energised | Creative | Alert | Highly focused

For these reasons, it is a popular weed choice for daytime use. Thai weed has very high THC which is one of the reasons it exploded in popularity, once it made its way to the Western world.

Weight 5 g

2 reviews for Thai Red String

  1. david.battley (verified owner)

    Proper old school smoke! This took my back. To my teenage years, off just the price but the feeling of of being stoned off just one spiff! Much less hassle than ordering off my real world dealer(he’s c#$*) I wonder what the prices puff is like?

  2. Mike Oxsmall (verified owner)

    Gave me Vietnam flashbacks 10/10

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