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WowDatsFire is a collaboration between Official Gooniez x Bubba Gum Co. and distributed by Ted’s Budz.

Known for a high potency indica strain, at first stance once opened, you will be hit by a strong tropical gelato bubblegum aroma. The taste palate you’ll be receiving is a funky, earthy, gassy fuel note, the effects are of a relaxed, uplifting and aroused nature with a slight light body euphoria. The potency is the strongest feature of this flower, leaving you with a super spacey head high.

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Wowdatsfire is an extremely pungent strain with an aroma that is immediately noticeable even from afar. However, it smells nothing like burnt food. Instead, it is a bowl of herbs spritz with a zesty citrus before being sprinkled with spices. Broken apart or combusted, it releases woody notes of floral earth. Most of the time, however, users only experience a headache which can also be avoided through pacing and moderation.

After some time has passed, the uplifting buzz that erupts in the temples during the initial onset develops into a tingling sensation. It gradually ebbs down to the rest of the body, surging in the muscles as a rush of energy. Like a well-oiled machine ready for a test drive, users move with fluidity and a bounce at each step.



5 reviews for WOWDATSFIRE

  1. Odazi (verified owner)

    Amazing Bud
    Amazing Service
    Thanks TGR

  2. Barry

    Says it in the name , fire!! Found a leaflet with £5 off & skeptic .. took the bite….it turned up!!!! Wtf lol

  3. Robert Fall (verified owner)

    Bubble gum popper was nice 2nd order toke 3 day arrive straight away order so I coming back I heard my friend getting this one it ment to be banging can’t wait to receive I heard so many good reviews

  4. Robert Fall (verified owner)

    24 hour already on way wow they guy quick

  5. Robert Fall (verified owner)

    Amazing bud ten ten

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