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Z33 is an exceptional cannabis strain known for its potent effects. It is a heavy Indica-dominant hybrid strain. It typically has dense buds that come in a variety of colours, ranging from vibrant greens to yellows and purples. The buds are caked in a generous dusting of amber trichomes and an abundance of orange pistils.

Z33 boasts a delightful blend of sweet, earthy, and floral notes with undertones that include hints of fresh pine, and citrus zest. As for its taste, Z3 delivers an equally flavourful experience that is described as a combination of fruity, herbal, and earthy flavour.

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Weight 3.5 g

6 reviews for Z33

  1. Reggie (store manager)

    I couldn’t disagree more I thought the buds were abit crap tbh but smell and taste was bang on I loved it reminds me of something I used to get from grey area in dam called east coast sour diesel, I’m gonna order again before it runs out

  2. NaughtyByNature (store manager)

    It was OK. Was a little disappointed with this one. Green route ya slippin baby. Nice nugs but hardly no taste and smell. 6/10

  3. Christy (store manager)

    I could not be happier. Highly recommended!

  4. RealJMC

    It wasn’t bad.

  5. Stefan Wittem

    Love the variety on the menu , the high on this matches the price and more

  6. Phillip Schofield

    Had this over Xmas and personally thought it was lovely stuff. Maybe I had a good batch but smell and taste were spot on and also my bro had a bag and he’s usually fussy as a mother lover and he raced about it too . Took one smoke and saved it for nye so can’t complain on this one at all

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