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Zazitos by Backpack Boyz is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain cross between Lemon Cherry Gelato and Bubblegum Gelato strains.

The effects start with a burst of euphoria and creative energy, followed by deep relaxation.

The buds are medium to large, with a colour blend of deep greens and purples, fiery orange hairs, and amber trichomes. It has an earthy, citrus, and sweet aroma, with flavours of pine, sour lemon, and herbal notes.

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The Zazitoz strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid (70% Indica/30% sativa) known for its potential therapeutic applications such as stress relief, mild pain management, and mood enhancement.

Weight 3.5 g

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  1. Sabotage93thc (verified owner)

    Really nice hit on this flavour is a bit different to the usual lcg really smooth with a nice hit to it then a nice burst of flavours

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