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Zowahh is a captivating strain that offers an enticing blend of sweetness, sourness, and pungency. Zowahh is a limited Indica-leaning cannabis strain from Karma Genetics. It is a mix of Zkittlez and Sour Diesel.

Not only is it a visual delight, but the euphoric effects it delivers make it a must-try for anyone looking to elevate their mood. Whether you’re after flavour, effect, or an impressive yield, Zowahh doesn’t disappoint.

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Few strains can claim to deliver an experience as uplifting as Zowahh. Almost immediately upon consumption, users are greeted with an overwhelming sense of euphoria. This cerebral rush can transform even the most mundane of days into a joyful adventure, making Zowahh a favourite among cannabis enthusiasts.

Zowahh, a cannabis strain, has potential medical benefits due to its euphoric effect, which could help with depression or anxiety. Its relaxing properties, including Myrcene, may also help with chronic pain and muscle tension. Linalool, a stress-relieving terpene, may help with anxiety and stress. The sweet flavour could stimulate appetite, especially for those experiencing appetite loss due to medical conditions. The terpene profile suggests it could help manage sleep disorders like insomnia.

Weight 3.5 g

5 reviews for ZOWAHH

  1. Kieron Smith (verified owner)

    Really nice smoke slight Cali taste with a gassy hit has a gassy kush/cali remind me a lot of jelly with that slight Turkish delight taste has a nice hit to it good one for someone with insomnia and ptsd like myself smoked a 8th instead of 5/7g tonight I’m impressed it’s hit me as hard for a smoker of 20 years with a insane tolerance

  2. Jamie (verified owner)

    Nice smoke. Definitely different, doesn’t smell the strongest and looks a little light but trust me it grinds out nicely. The buds are dense and although it smells strong it’s not super sweet like some Cali buds or just other buds in general. It hits hard though

  3. PhatDoofer (verified owner)

    Opening this up after it arriving after 3 days and I had a nice bundle of tight Little Rocks (which fluff nicely by the way) not quite as light as the picture but I’m rassing one now and certainly getting the Zkittlez come through, lovely sweet smoke with reliable customer service! TGR seems to be the way forward for anyone skeptical of ordering, I was a loyal customer of Dispenseree until dec/jan period but these guys have regained my trust! Quality service

  4. Oldleaf1 (verified owner)

    Again first class from TGR very nice smoke will have more of this nice relaxing peaceful journey’s everyone 😊

  5. Dave (verified owner)

    Great looking buds, lovely smoke! Well worth the pennies 👍

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